Reliable Emission Testing and Repairs

Did Your Vehicle Fail the State's Emission Test?

If your vehicle has failed its emission test, our technicians at Erker's Auto & Truck Fleet Maintenance can help get your vehicle back up to the correct standards.
We're one of the few emission testing and repair shops left in the Tacoma/Fife area for domestic vehicles of all sizes.

We Can Test Your Vehicle at Our Shop

If you've failed the official state test, bring your car or truck to our shop. We can re-run the test to find out what is causing your vehicle to fail the test.
Our technicians will review the codes generated during the test and help you decide on the best course of action.

Get Your Emission Test Waiver Here

The state emission test administrator should have provided you with a brochure about re-testing and waivers, but our team can help you navigate through the paperwork.
Bring your car, truck, SUV, or van to us today to get it re-tested and, if required, repaired. We're emission certified in the state of Washington.

Can You Make My Emission Repairs?

While we can fix many emission issues in-house, some vehicles may require special repairs. In that case, we'll let you know what's wrong, so you can find a qualified shop to repair the issue. Call our auto center at 253-922-8344 or our truck center at 253-896-0455 for details.
Call us
today to learn more about our emission testing and repair service.
"As always Erkers provides wonderful service and does a fine repair for a reasonable price! I highly recommend them to my friends, family, neighbors and new acquaintances. If you want it done right, in good time and for a fair price, this is the place to have your auto repaired! This is the place that all travelers who are inconvenienced by breakdowns would love to find to help them get back on the road with a good feeling about their service and price."

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